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The New Jersey Life Sciences Vendors Alliance (NJLSVA) is a coalition of businesses, individuals and academia who provide goods and services to New Jersey’s life sciences companies.

The NJLSVA was founded to educate suppliers on trends in industry procurement and public policy that affects the life sciences industry.

Rush Holt

85 Percent of Top Science Posts in Trump Administration Have Yet to Be Filled

President Donald Trump

Washington, DC, June 8, 2017 — Chris Mooney reported in The Washington Post that President Donald Trump is facing science-focused problems and issues with a key limitation: lack of staffing.

As of June 6, the Trump White House had announced a nominee for just seven, or 15 percent, of 46 top science posts in the federal government that require Senate confirmation, according to a Post analysis. Continue reading

Scientific Groups Vow to Carry on Spirit of March for Science; Aim to Promote Sound Policies that Advance Discovery and Benefit Society

The Hon. Rush Holt

Washington, DC, April 29, 2017 — The nation’s leading scientific organizations vowed to build on the momentum generated by the March for Science — held on April 22 in Washington, DC and around the globe — by continuing to reach out to the public and policymakers at all levels to promote sound scientific policies that advance discovery and benefit society, according to a joint statement issued on April 24.

“We must build on this momentum created by the marches to more actively demonstrate the value of science to local, state and national policymakers, as well as in classrooms and local communities,” the letter said.

“We pledge to keep the March for Science momentum going, to remain at the forefront of this public engagement of science and to redouble our collective efforts to serve science and society.” Continue reading

AAAS CEO Rush Holt Says Concerns About Science Are Unprecedented; Issues Report ‘Connecting Scientists to Policy Around the World’

The Hon. Rush Holt

Boston, MA, February 21, 2017 — Researchers are concerned at unprecedented levels about how a new presidential administration may undermine scientific work and delay its benefits, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) CEO Rush Holt and AAAS President Barbara Schaal and said at a press event at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Boston earlier this month.

“It used to be when someone would say they were concerned about the state of science, they were talking about funding for research … these concerns about funding are not the ones being brought to me,” said Holt, who is a former New Jersey Congressman. Continue reading

Opinion: Rush Holt: Lawmakers Need to Use a Scientific Approach to Formulating Views

The Hon. Rush Holt

The Hon. Rush Holt

Washington, DC, December 21, 2016Rush Holt, a physicist who serves as the CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), executive publisher of the Science family of journals, and former New Jersey Congressman, writes in The Star-Ledger:

Throughout this election cycle, and certainly since Election Day, many Americans are wondering whether what binds us together can overcome what divides us politically.

Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that many of our fellow citizens are feeling more estranged from their countrymen and their government than they ever have. Continue reading

Science, Education Leaders Call on President-Elect Trump to Name a U.S. Science Adviser


Rush Holt

Washington, DC, December 6, 2016 — The heads of 29 top U.S. scientific and higher-education organizations — including Rush Holt, CEO of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and former New Jersey Congressman — wrote to President-elect Donald Trump on November 23, urging him to quickly appoint a “nationally respected leader with appropriate engineering, scientific, management and policy skills” to serve as Assistant to the President for Science and Technology.

Such a senior-level adviser would be able to assist the White House in “determining effective ways to use science and technology to address major national challenges,” the group noted. Continue reading