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The New Jersey Life Sciences Vendors Alliance (NJLSVA) is a coalition of businesses, individuals and academia who provide goods and services to New Jersey’s life sciences companies.

The NJLSVA was founded to educate suppliers on trends in industry procurement and public policy that affects the life sciences industry.


Commentary: Celgene CEO Mark Alles on ‘Getting Patients Access to Precision Medicines Is Crucial’

Mark Alles

Summit, NJ, August 7, 2017The following commentary by Celgene Corporation Chief Executive Officer Mark Alles was published on August 3 on CNBC:

A decade ago, receiving a medicine designed for your specific genetic makeup or modifying your own immune cells to fight cancer may have seemed like something out of a science fiction novel. But today, “precision” medicines — tailored therapeutics based on a patient’s distinct genetic characteristics — are turning fiction into fact for many patients.

Since every person is unique, not only do precision medicines have the potential to bring highly effective therapies and high-value care to patients, they can also lower the overall cost of treating many of the most serious diseases. Continue reading

Opinion: Former Merck CEO and Princeton University President Emeritus on ‘Trump’s War on Science Threatens U.S. Prosperity’

Princeton, NJ, July 6, 2017Roy Vagelos, retired Chairman and CEO of Merck & Co. and Chairman of the Board of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, and Shirley Tilghman, President Emeritus of Princeton University and a professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs, published the following opinion piece in The Star-Ledger on June 6:

In the past 40 years, the U.S. has been the world leader in converting fundamental scientific discoveries into innovative new treatments for life-threatening disease.  New drugs, vaccines, and medical devices have improved human health and increased our lifespan.

In this time, the treatment of cardiovascular disease has been transformed, HIV medications have been developed that mean AIDS is no longer a death sentence, and within the last five years, revolutionary new drugs that work through the activation of the immune system are now successfully treating some forms of cancer. Continue reading

Opinion: Allergan Chief Brent Saunders on Helping Our Daughters Stick with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)’

Brent L. Saunders

Parsippany, NJ, June 22, 2017Brent L. Saunders, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at Allergan plc, yesterday wrote the following opinion piece on his CEO blog:

As the CEO of a biopharma company that is focused on innovation for patients, I was struck recently by the scientific thinking and discovery happening at an event that might surprise you: my daughter’s high school science fair.

The projects tackled scientific mysteries such as why different shades of color trigger a neurological response including mood, how mathematical statistics explain the so-called “Birthday Paradox” and more. Continue reading

Opinion: For Medical Miracles, Empower Life Sciences Companies — Don’t Vilify Them

Medical Innovation 6Washington, DC, October 28, 2016Former United States Senator Tom Coburn, M.D., and Paul Howard, Ph.D., director of health policy, Manhattan Institute, and co-author of the new book, “Unlocking Precision Medicine,” write in The Hill:

“We can do virtually anything,” Vice President Joe Biden told the Cleveland crowd. “Your children are going to see more progress in the next 15 years than we’ve seen in the last 75 years.”

With these words, Biden opened the Cleveland Clinic’s medical innovation summit on Monday. The progress he spoke of is in the fight against cancer, where the next generation of American cures is set to radically shift the medical landscape. Continue reading

Opinion: NJAMHAA CEO: Don’t Let Congress Alter Medicare Part D Benefit

Debra Wentz CROPNew Brunswick, NJ, January 22, 2016 ― Debra L. Wentz, CEO of the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies (NJAMHAA), writes in the Asbury Park Press (January 6, 2016):

More than 1 million New Jersey residents could see reduced access to life-saving medicines if Congress proceeds with a plan that would fundamentally alter Part D, Medicare’s prescription drug benefit.

Some lawmakers want to allow the federal government to interfere in Part D. But, to achieve the promised savings, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office warns that the government would have to restrict seniors’ access to needed medicines. Such a move will harm seniors’ health. Continue reading

Opinion: New Jersey Biotech Companies Need Patent Protection from Congress.

Patent Reform capitolNewark, NJ, July 16, 2015In today’s Star-Ledger, Francois Nader, former president and CEO of NPS Pharmaceuticals and a past chairman of the board of BioNJ, writes on patent reform legislation, which currently is being considered by Congress.  Mr. Nader writes:

*     *     *

Finding cures for rare diseases takes patience and resources, which means we need people who are willing to invest in this long and uncertain process.  During my tenure as CEO of NPS Pharmaceuticals, we developed medicines that address rare diseases with true unmet medical needs. The progress that companies like NPS make in treating diseases, both common and rare, saves and improves lives.

Every day the biomedical industry works hard on the next breakthrough drug or innovation in treatment, but this effort has long time horizons and is expensive.  When you look at the statistics behind the creation of a new medication, it’s easy to see why few would invest and continue that work without the promise of a patent to protect it. Continue reading

NJ Spotlight Publishes HINJ Op-Ed: ‘Congress Needs to Fix Flaw in Laws Governing Life-Sciences Patents’

Dean J. Paranicas, President and Chief Exectutive Officer, HINJ

Dean J. Paranicas, President and Chief Exectutive Officer, HINJ

Montclair, NJ, July 15, 2015 ― NJ Spotlight has published an op-ed authored by Dean J. Paranicas, President and Chief Executive Officer of the HealthCare Institute of New Jersey (HINJ) on the subject of patent reform legislation currently pending before the U.S. House of Representatives.

*    *    *

New Jersey has one of the highest concentrations of life-sciences companies in the world. Many of them make New Jersey their global, North American or U.S. headquarters.  They employ over 320,000 people in our state and support $87 billion in New Jersey economic activity annually.

These companies work every day on the next generation of life-saving treatments and cures for some of the world’s most dreaded diseases.  They depend on a strong, robust patent system to protect the intellectual property needed to discover these treatments and cures. Continue reading

Opinion: Time for Safe Solution for Rx Supply Chain

Washington, DC, April 3, 2013Politico has published an opinion piece regarding the safety of the current pharmaceutical supply chain written by John Castellani, president and CEO of PhRMA; John Gray, president and CEO of the Healthcare Distribution Management Association; and Ralph Neas, president and CEO of the Generic Pharmaceutical Association.

“Three times in the past year…,” they write, “the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings that counterfeit cancer drugs originating overseas infiltrated the US pharmaceutical supply chain, putting patients at risk.” 

“Recognizing the severity of this growing threat as a global problem,” they continue, “the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recently released a set of recommendations calling for, among other things, enactment of a national solution capable of enhancing the ability to trace finished pharmaceutical products throughout the vast and complex U.S. distribution chain.” Continue reading