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Pharmalot: FDA Continues to Struggle with Backlog of Generic Drug Applications

STAT PharmalotBoston, MA, March 3, 2016 ― Pharmalot reporter-blogger Ed Silverman reports in STAT that, under pressure to speed approval of generic medicines, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week released data to defend its progress.

And while industry watchers say the statistics indicate the agency is making headway, there are also clear signs the FDA continues to struggle with the workload.

On the bright side, the number of full and tentative drug approvals has been rising each month since last April and reached 99 this past December, which is the largest tally ever issued in a single month, according to FDA watchers.

They note the agency also appears to be doing a better job of communicating with generic drug makers about their applications.

Silverman reports that, historically, the FDA has been unable to keep up with the pace of marketing applications filed by generic drug makers.

And so, four years ago, the FDA was authorized to start collecting fees from generic companies to fund two key goals — increase the number of facilities to be inspected, especially overseas, and increase the rate at which applications to market generics are reviewed.

So far, the FDA has collected about $1.5 billion in fees and hired about 1,000 additional employees, but some contend the agency has failed to make sufficient progress in approving generics.

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