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STAT: Congress Ready to Give NIH Its Biggest Increase in 12 Years

STATWashington, DC, December 16, 2015 ― David Nather and Dylan Scott today report in STAT that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will get a $2 billion funding increase in the federal spending bill released early Wednesday.

It is the first time the NIH budget would get such a large raise in more than 12 years — assuming the spending bill can get enough votes to pass Congress.

The move comes after a year of growing momentum in which powerful Republicans and Democrats convinced their colleagues that medical science is ready to make good use of extra money.

It has to pass the House and the Senate before President Obama can sign it into law, and those votes — expected by the end of the week — will likely require a combination of Republican and Democratic support, since the bill is a carefully balanced compromise between both parties.

The bill gives $200 million to the Obama administration’s Precision Medicine Initiative — an effort to find treatments that can be targeted to an individual’s genetic makeup — and a $350 million increase for research on Alzheimer’s disease, an amount that could boost efforts to find an effective treatment by 2025.

It also includes an $85 million increase for the BRAIN Initiative, the project to map the human brain.

For the full STAT story on NIH funding, click here.

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