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Sequester Withholding of FDA User Fees Irks Drug and Medical Device Makers

Washington, DC, May 21, 2013Roll Call reports that, for years, makers of drugs and medical devices have paid the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in exchange for the agency committing to certain performance goals, including evaluating submitted drugs, therapies and technologies before they may be introduced into the marketplace.  

But now, Roll Call reports, the FDA may not be able to accomplish all those goals, because some of the funds are being cut by the sequester.  

More specifically, companies that make drugs and devices continue to pay the full amount established in the latest user fee reauthorization, which was passed in 2012.  However, the money now is subject to the sequester cuts at the same level as the rest of the FDA’s budget authority.  That means that portion of the user fees — $83 million, according to the agency — is being sliced off and is unavailable to the FDA.

Lawmakers now are working to give the FDA the flexibility to access all funds it receives from private companies.

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