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Rutgers Offers Health Majors Aid to Cover Surprise 60 Percent Tuition Hike

New Brunswick, NJ, August 27, 2015 ― Kelly Heyboer reports in The Star-Ledger that Rutgers University will offer scholarships to freshmen in several health majors to cover a 60 percent tuition hike students said took them by surprise, campus officials said.

Tuition for several majors in Rutgers’ School of Health Related Professions — including sonography, dental hygiene and nuclear medicine — were scheduled to jump from $345 to $552 per credit this fall.

Rutgers officials said the steep hike was needed to bring the majors in line with similar professional programs.  But new students enrolling in the program said they did not know about the 60 percent tuition increase until they got their bills this summer.

Many students and their families complained that they had been misled by the university.

Rutgers officials said in a statement Wednesday, “Unfortunately, despite our efforts to advise incoming students — during both the interview process earlier this year and at orientation — that tuition would likely be set closer to the cost of other professional programs of this type, it has become apparent that our efforts to communicate such information have been insufficient.”

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