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Politico: GOP Members of Congress to Start Obamacare Repeal in January — And Then Delay

Obamacare REPEALWashington, DC, November 17, 2016 — Jennifer Haberkorn reports in Politico that Republicans on Capitol Hill are growing confident that they can begin to repeal Obamacare once President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in, along with a pledge to replace it later.

Haberkorn reports that discussions among GOP lawmakers and with the Trump transition team are still taking shape.

But the goal is to move aggressively, getting points on the board against President Barack Obama’s health care law right away — as early as Inauguration Day itself, January 20.

Republicans are considering whether to swiftly repeal the biggest pieces of the law through a complex budget process called reconciliation that Democrats cannot block. If they go that route, Republicans would likely pass the repeal — but delay the effective date for a year or two until a replacement could theoretically be enacted.

That would shield the GOP from an immediate backlash from taking away insurance.

The politics could be tricky — Republicans would be scrapping a law that covers 20 million people with no concrete alternative plan laid out.

But after seven years of opposition, Republicans are anxious to prove that they’re doing what voters sent them and Trump to Washington to do: Kill the Affordable Care Act.

Plus, they question whether those 20 million Americans are really so happy with their health insurance under the ACA.

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