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Pharmalot: FDA Wants to Nix Voucher Program for Rare Pediatric Disease Drugs

STAT PharmalotBoston, MA, March 7, 2016 ― Pharmalot reporter-blogger Ed Silverman reports in STAT that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to end a voucher program designed to spur development of new drugs for rare pediatric diseases, although a new government report released on Wednesday said it’s too early to say whether it’s working.

Drug makers and advocacy groups, however, told the Government Accountability Office they see value in the program, which expires on Oct. 1.

At issue are pediatric review vouchers.  Created in 2012, the program awards a priority review voucher to a drug maker that wins approval of a treatment for a rare pediatric disease. Companies can later redeem vouchers when seeking approval for another medicine to treat any illness.

And the FDA is obligated to review this other drug in six months instead of the standard 10 months.

Silverman reports that the deal is akin to a grand bargain in that public health is promoted by development of a medicine that may not otherwise become available.  And a drug maker can profit, because a faster review means an approved medicine may be sold sooner and generate sales.

Moreover, vouchers can be sold or transferred.  So far, a few transactions have occurred, ranging in price from $67.5 million to $350 million.

For Silverman’s full STAT story, click here.

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