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Pharmalot: FDA Wants Consumer-Friendly Drug Ads

New York, NY, February 8, 2015 ― Pharmalot reports that anyone who leafs through a newspaper or magazine and sees prescription drug ads would be hard-pressed to miss the lengthy fine print describing risks and caveats in copious detail.  Drug makers include this information to comply with the law.

But after years of complaints and concerns this amounts to information overload to consumers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing a new approach.

In a new draft guidance, the FDA suggests that drug makers instead offer “consumer-friendly” summaries in print ads and promotional materials.  

These would still include information about serious risks, such as adverse events and interactions with other drugs, but would not have to include every specific side effect or so-called contraindication.  And this particular suggestion may prove challenging.

“Many consumers lack the technical background to understand some of the information as described” in what is known as the package insert, the detailed risk information that accompanies a prescription and is duplicated in ads, the FDA writes in its draft guidance. Moreover, some of the information, such as clinical pharmacology, “may be of limited use to consumers.”

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