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The New Jersey Life Sciences Vendors Alliance (NJLSVA) is a coalition of businesses, individuals and academia who provide goods and services to New Jersey’s life sciences companies.

The NJLSVA was founded to educate suppliers on trends in industry procurement and public policy that affects the life sciences industry.

New Jersey Senate and Assembly Committee Members Assigned for 2016 – 2017

Trenton Capital Dome  MoonTrenton, NJ, January 27, 2016 ― Committee assignments in both the Senate and Assembly have been announced for the 217th New Jersey Legislature.  Members of the 2016 – 2017 Legislature were sworn into office on January 12.

2016 – 2017 Senate Committees

  • Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee (SBA, Group 2) — Paul A. Sarlo (Chair), Brian P. Stack (Vice Chair), Peter J. Barnes, Jennifer Beck, Anthony R. Bucco, Sandra B. Cunningham, Linda R. Greenstein, Kevin J. O’Toole, Steven V. Oroho, Nelida “Nellie” Pou, M. Teresa Ruiz, Samuel D. Thompson, Jeff Van Drew — Aide: Catherine Z. Brennan/Howard K. Rotblat 609-847-3835 or OLSAideSBA@njleg.org
  • Senate Commerce Committee (SCM, Group 2) — Nia H. Gill (Chair), Raymond J. Lesniak (Vice Chair), James Beach, Gerald Cardinale, Thomas H. Kean, Nicholas P. Scutari — Aide: Philip R. Gennace/Todd W. Moore 609-847-3845 or OLSAideSCM@njleg.org
  • Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee (SCU, Group 1) — Jeff Van Drew (Chair), Ronald L. Rice (Vice Chair), Jennifer Beck, Christopher J. Connors, Brian P. Stack — Aide: Cindy Lombardi Hespe/Jason S. Postelnik 609-847-3875 or OLSAideSCU@njleg.org


  • Senate Economic Growth Committee (SEG, Group 3) — Raymond J. Lesniak (Chair), Nilsa Cruz-Perez (Vice Chair), Joseph M. Kyrillos, Steven V. Oroho, Jim Whelan — Aide: Kevin J. Donahue/Patrick Brennan 609-847-3840 or OLSAideSEG@njleg.org
  • Senate Education Committee (SED, Group 3) — M. Teresa Ruiz (Chair), Shirley K. Turner (Vice Chair), Diane B. Allen, James Beach, Michael J. Doherty — Aide: Anita M. Saynisch/Erin M. Basiak 609-847-3850 or OLSAideSED@njleg.org
  • Senate Environment and Energy Committee (SEN, Group 1) — Bob Smith (Chair), Linda R. Greenstein (Vice Chair), Christopher “Kip” Bateman, Richard J. Codey, Samuel D. Thompson — Aide: Judith Horowitz/Michael R. Molimock 609-847-3855 or OLSAideSEN@njleg.org
  • Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee (SHH, Group 2) — Joseph F. Vitale (Chair), Fred H. Madden (Vice Chair), Dawn Marie Addiego, Diane B. Allen, Richard J. Codey, Robert M. Gordon, Ronald L. Rice, Robert W. Singer, Jim Whelan — Aide: David Drescher/Adaline B. Kaser 609-847-3860 or OLSAideSHH@njleg.org
  • Senate Higher Education Committee (SHI, Group 3) — Sandra B. Cunningham (Chair), Nelida “Nellie” Pou (Vice Chair), Thomas H. Kean, Paul A. Sarlo, Robert W. Singer — Aide: Sarah B. Haimowitz 609-847-3850
  • Senate Judiciary Committee (SJU, Group 4) — Nicholas P. Scutari (Chair), Nia H. Gill (Vice Chair), Christopher “Kip” Bateman, Gerald Cardinale, Michael J. Doherty, Joseph M. Kyrillos, Raymond J. Lesniak, Kevin J. O’Toole, Nelida “Nellie” Pou, Paul A. Sarlo, Bob Smith, Brian P. Stack, Loretta D. Weinberg — Aide: David J. Lorette 609-847-3865 or OLSAideSJU@njleg.org
  • Senate Labor Committee (SLA, Group 1) — Fred H. Madden (Chair), Joseph F. Vitale (Vice Chair), Dawn Marie Addiego, Anthony R. Bucco, Sandra B. Cunningham — Aide: Gregory L. Williams 609-847-3845 or OLSAideSLA@njleg.org
  • Senate Law and Public Safety Committee (SLP, Group 3) — Linda R. Greenstein (Chair), Peter J. Barnes (Vice Chair), Christopher “Kip” Bateman, James W. Holzapfel, Nicholas J. Sacco — Aide: Wendy S. Whitbeck 609-847-3870
  • Senate Legislative Oversight Committee (SLO) — Robert M. Gordon (Chair), Loretta D. Weinberg (Vice Chair), Thomas H. Kean, Joseph M. Kyrillos, M. Teresa Ruiz, Paul A. Sarlo — Aide: Michael R. Molimock 609-847-3835 or OLSAideSLO@njleg.org
  • Senate Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee (SMV, Group 4) — James Beach (Chair), Jeff Van Drew (Vice Chair), Diane B. Allen, Christopher J. Connors, Nilsa Cruz-Perez — Aide: Tracy F. Pino Murphy 609-847-3890 or OLSAideSMV@njleg.org
  • Senate Rules and Order Committee (SRUL) — Aide: James G. Willson 609-847-3901
  • Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee (SSG, Group 4) — Jim Whelan (Chair), Shirley K. Turner (Vice Chair), Peter J. Barnes, Steven V. Oroho, Samuel D. Thompson — Aide: Frank Parisi/Raysa Martinez Kruger 609-847-3890 or OLSAideSSG@njleg.org
  • Senate Transportation Committee (STR, Group 1) — Nicholas J. Sacco (Chair), Robert M. Gordon (Vice Chair), Nilsa Cruz-Perez, James W. Holzapfel, Joseph Pennacchio — Aide: Philip M. Mersinger/Sheree D. King 609-847-3840 or OLSAideSTR@njleg.org


2016 – 2017 Assembly Committees

  • Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee (AAN, Group D) — Robert Andrzejczak (Chair), Adam J. Taliaferro (Vice Chair), Ronald S. Dancer, Eric Houghtaling, Parker Space — Aide: Lucinda Tiajoloff 609-847-3855 or OLSAideAAN@njleg.org
  • Assembly Appropriations Committee (AAP, Group B) — John J. Burzichelli (Chair), L. Grace Spencer (Vice Chair), Herb Conaway, John DiMaio, Joseph A. Lagana, Pamela R. Lampitt, Gabriela M. Mosquera, Gail Phoebus, Annette Quijano, Gary S. Schaer, Holly Schepisi — Aide: Philip N. Liloia/Luke E. Wolff 609-847-3835 or OLSAideAAP@njleg.org
  • Assembly Bi-Partisan Leadership Committee (ABPL) — Aide: David J. Rosen/Frank W. Haines, III 609-292-8030
  • Assembly Budget Committee (ABU, Group D) — Gary S. Schaer (Chair), John J. Burzichelli (Vice Chair), Anthony M. Bucco, John DiMaio, Gordon M. Johnson, John F. McKeon, Raj Mukherji, Elizabeth Maher Muoio, Declan J. O’Scanlon, Eliana Pintor Marin, Maria Rodriguez-Gregg, Troy Singleton, Benjie E. Wimberly — Aide: Philip N. Liloia/Matthew T. Szudajski 609-847-3835 or OLSAideABU@njleg.org
  • Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee (ACE, Group B) — Gordon M. Johnson (Chair), Eliana Pintor Marin (vice Chair), Robert Auth, Anthony M. Bucco, Nicholas Chiaravalloti, Craig J. Coughlin, Tim Eustace, Raj Mukherji, Nancy F. Munoz, Elizabeth Maher Muoio, Sheila Y. Oliver — Aide: Robert C. Rothberg 609-847-3875 or OLSAideACE@njleg.org
  • Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee (ACO, Group A) — Paul D. Moriarty (Chair), Patrick J. Diegnan (Vice Chair), Sean T. Kean, Annette Quijano — Aide: Jamie L. Jennings/Amy Denholtz 609-847-3870 or OLSAideACO@njleg.org
  • Assembly Education Committee (AED, Group C) — Patrick J. Diegnan (Chair), Troy Singleton (Vice Chair), Robert Auth, Ralph R. Caputo, Mila M. Jasey, Angelica M. Jimenez, Patricia Egan Jones, Angela McKnight, David P. Rible, Adam J. Taliaferro, David W. Wolfe — Aide: Kathleen Fazzari/Allen T. Dupree 609-847-3850 or OLSAideAED@njleg.org
  • Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee (AEN, Group D) — L. Grace Spencer (Chair), John F. McKeon (Vice Chair), Scott T. Rumana, John S. Wisniewski, David W. Wolfe, Andrew Zwicker — Aide: Carrie Anne Calvo-Hahn 609-847-3855 or OLSAideAEN@njleg.org
  • Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee (AFI, Group A) — Craig J. Coughlin (Chair), Pamela R. Lampitt (Vice Chair), Robert Auth, Marlene Caride, Jack M. Ciattarelli, Joe Danielsen, Joann Downey, Reed Gusciora, Amy H. Handlin, Joe Howarth, Joseph A. Lagana, John F. McKeon, L. Grace Spencer — Aide: Richard T. Corbett 609-847-3845 or OLSAideAFI@njleg.org
  • Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee (AHE, Group A) — Herb Conaway (Chair), Tim Eustace (Vice Chair), Daniel R. Benson, BettyLou DeCroce, Jerry Green, Angelica M. Jimenez, James J. Kennedy, Angela McKnight, Nancy F. Munoz, Erik Peterson, Nancy J. Pinkin, Holly Schepisi, Shavonda E. Sumter — Aide: Michael D. Fahncke 609-847-3860 or OLSAideAHE@njleg.org
  • Assembly Higher Education Committee (AHI, Group A) — Mila M. Jasey (Chair), Thomas P. Giblin (Vice Chair), Arthur Barclay, DiAnne C. Gove, Jamel C. Holley, Gabriela M. Mosquera, David P. Rible, Gary S. Schaer — Aide: Adrian G. Crook 609-847-3850 or OLSAideAHI@njleg.org
  • Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee (AHS, Group D) — Annette Quijano (Chair), Nancy J. Pinkin (Vice Chair), Annette Chaparro, R. Bruce Land, Gregory P. McGuckin, David C. Russo — Aide: Amanda D. Holland/Kristin Brunner Santos 609-847-3870 or OLSAideAHS@njleg.org
  • Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee (AHO, Group B) — Jerry Green (Chair), Mila M. Jasey (Vice Chair), Robert D. Clifton, Jamel C. Holley, Patricia Egan Jones, Maria Rodriguez-Gregg — Aide: Daniel A. Davidow/Chris Jewett 609-847-3875 or OLSAideAHO@njleg.org
  • Assembly Human Services Committee (AHU, Group D) — Valerie Vainieri Huttle (Chair), Cleopatra G. Tucker (Vice Chair), Patricia Egan Jones, Angela McKnight, Gail Phoebus — Aide: Irene M. McCarthy 847-3860 or OLSAideAHU@njleg.org
  • Assembly Judiciary Committee (AJU, Group C) — John F. McKeon (Chair), Gordon M. Johnson (Vice Chair), Michael Patrick Carroll, Joseph A. Lagana, Elizabeth Maher Muoio, Erik Peterson, Andrew Zwicker — Aide: Rafaela Garcia/Miriam Bavati 609-847-3865 or OLSAideAJU@njleg.org
  • Assembly Labor Committee (ALA, Group C) — Joseph V. Egan (Chair), Shavonda E. Sumter (Vice Chair), Craig J. Coughlin, Ronald S. Dancer, Reed Gusciora, Eric Houghtaling, Raj Mukherji, Parker Space, Jay Webber — Aide: Todd W. Moore 609-847-3845 or OLSAideALA@njleg.org
  • Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee (ALP, Group B) — Daniel R. Benson (Chair), Joe Danielsen (Vice Chair), Arthur Barclay, Annette Chaparro, Erik Peterson, Nancy J. Pinkin, David P. Rible, Shavonda E. Sumter — Aide: Thomas M. Kelly 609-847-3870 or OLSAideALP@njleg.org
  • Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs Committee (AMV, Group C) — Cleopatra G. Tucker (Chair), Wayne P. DeAngelo (Vice Chair), Robert Andrzejczak, DiAnne C. Gove, Joe Howarth, R. Bruce Land — Aide: Tracey F. Pino Murphy 609-847-3890 or OLSAideAMV@njleg.org
  • Assembly Regulated Professions Committee (ARP, Group B) — Thomas P. Giblin (Chair), Angelica M. Jimenez (Vice Chair), Jack M. Ciattarelli, Patrick J. Diegnan, Joann Downey, Amy H. Handlin, Sean T. Kean, Vincent Mazzeo, Paul D. Moriarty — Aide: Laurence A. Gurman 609-847-3845 or OLSAideARP@njleg.org
  • Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Reform and Federal Relations Committee (ARO, Group B) — Reed Gusciora (Chair), Benjie E. Wimberly (Vice Chair), Chris A. Brown, Brian E. Rumpf, Cleopatra G. Tucker — Aide: Jamie E. Galemba 609-847-3890 or OLSAideARO@njleg.org
  • Assembly State and Local Government Committee (ASL, Group D) — Troy Singleton (Chair), Herb Conaway (Vice Chair), Michael Patrick Carroll, Tim Eustace, Jay Webber — Aide: Pamela H. Espenshade/Scott A. Brodsky 609-847-3890 or OLSAideASL@njleg.org
  • Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee (ATU, Group A) — Wayne P. DeAngelo (Chair), Benjie E. Wimberly (Vice Chair), Joseph V. Egan, Eric Houghtaling, Gail Phoebus, Eliana Pintor Marin, Brian E. Rumpf, Andrew Zwicker — Aide: Richard Diaconu/Tara M. Howley 609-847-3840 or OLSAideATU@njleg.org
  • Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee (ATG, Group A) — Ralph R. Caputo (Chair), Vincent Mazzeo (Vice Chair), Chris A. Brown, John J. Burzichelli, Ronald S. Dancer, R. Bruce Land, Valerie Vainieri Huttle — Aide: Raysa Martinez Kruger 609-847-3890 or OLSAideATG@njleg.org
  • Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee (ATR, Group C) — John S. Wisniewski (Chair), Marlene Caride (Vice Chair), Daniel R. Benson, Nicholas Chiaravalloti, Robert D. Clifton, BettyLou DeCroce, Thomas P. Giblin, James J. Kennedy, Gregory P. McGuckin, Paul D. Moriarty, Sheila Y. Oliver, Scott T. Rumana, Valerie Vainieri Huttle — Aide: Philip M. Mersinger/Lauren M. Vogel 609-847-3840 or OLSAideATR@njleg.org
  • Assembly Women and Children Committee (AWC, Group C) — Pamela R. Lampitt (Chair), Gabriela M. Mosquera (Vice Chair), Joann Downey, Jamel C. Holley, Nancy F. Munoz — Aide: Michele LeBlanc 609-847-3860 or OLSAideAWC@njleg.org

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