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Governor Christies Announces Over Half a Million New Jerseyans Have Comprehensive Health Care Thanks to Medicaid Expansion

Governor Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie

Trenton, NJ, August 30, 2016 — Governor Christie yesterday announced that more than half a million New Jerseyans have comprehensive health care coverage who otherwise would not have due to his decision to opt for Medicaid expansion.

The NJ FamilyCare 2015 Annual Report, which details the condition of the state’s medical public assistance program, shows that since the January 2014 expansion, 566,655 more New Jersey residents are now enrolled, thanks to the expansion that has reduced costs for taxpayers and beneficiaries.

  • 336,141 Newly eligible adults
  • 101,644 Previously eligible but not enrolled adults and children
  • 128,870 Adults maintaining eligibility solely due to the state’s decision to expand Medicaid

NJ FamilyCare is the single program for all public medical assistance in New Jersey, which includes adults and children eligible for services under any state or federal authority. NJ FamilyCare enables access to and delivery of care to 1.7 million beneficiaries and covers a broad range of benefits with limited out-of-pocket costs.

New Jersey’s Medicaid expansion delivers a wider variety of treatment options and is available to more people. The Christie administration has ensured all New Jerseyans are receiving the treatment and care they need.

The annual report also shows the strong quality of NJ FamilyCare and improving customer satisfaction.

  • The overall rating of health care is at a six-year high, with 84 percent of adults satisfied with their own healthcare and 92 percent satisfied with the care their children are receiving.
  • New Jersey’s Medicaid Managed Care Organizations compare very well to their counterparts nationally.
  • The weighted average scores for New Jersey’s MCOs either exceeded or fell within three percentage points of the national averages for 69 percent of the available quality measures, up from 63 percent in 2014.

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