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The New Jersey Life Sciences Vendors Alliance (NJLSVA) is a coalition of businesses, individuals and academia who provide goods and services to New Jersey’s life sciences companies.

The NJLSVA was founded to educate suppliers on trends in industry procurement and public policy that affects the life sciences industry.

Monthly Archives: November 2019

HINJ Statement on Health Care Proposal from Sen. Booker

HINJ President and Chief Executive Officer Dean J. Paranicas issued a statement on Nov. 15 about the new health care proposal from Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.): “Intellectual property is the very lifeblood of American innovation – whether it is created in New Jersey, Silicon Valley, MIT or the Pentagon, or whether it’s in biopharmaceuticals, software, nanotechnology or defense – which is precisely why preserving it has been a core American value since our country’s founding. Sen. Booker’s proposal calls for the federal government to effectively confiscate a life sciences company’s patented intellectual property through compulsory licensing if price negotiations fail – after the company has risked billions of dollars and worked for a decade or more to bring a new treatment or cure to patients.” Please read more here.