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The New Jersey Life Sciences Vendors Alliance (NJLSVA) is a coalition of businesses, individuals and academia who provide goods and services to New Jersey’s life sciences companies.

The NJLSVA was founded to educate suppliers on trends in industry procurement and public policy that affects the life sciences industry.

Monthly Archives: April 2014

Pfizer’s Ian Read Named PhRMA Board Chair, Merck’s Kenneth Frazier Chair-Elect

Washington, DC, April 14, 2014 — Ian C. Read, chairman and CEO of Pfizer, Inc, was elected chairman of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) on April 11 at the trade association’s annual meeting.  Mr. Read succeeds Robert J. Hugin, chairman and CEO of Celgene Corporation, as PhRMA’s chairman.

Also elected were Kenneth C. Frazier, chairman, president and CEO of Merck & Co, Inc., as chairman-elect of the PhRMA Board of Directors, and George A. Scangos, Ph.D., CEO of Biogen Idec, as Board treasurer. Continue reading

Rutgers to Cosponsor ‘Food and the Human Experience’ on April 29

Trenton, DC, April 14, 2014 — You are invited to “Food and the Human Experience: Community Event on Childhood Obesity and Food Access in Trenton,” which will be held Tuesday, April 29 at the War Memorial, George Washington Ballroom in Trenton. 

Thanks to a grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, the Rutgers Film Bureau in the Mason Gross School of the Arts is collaborating with academics from fields like anthropology, ethics, human ecology and Africana studies and with leaders in Food Initiatives across the State of New Jersey to host a discussion series and film screening on the issue of food insecurity and childhood obesity in the Garden State.

Guest speakers will include:

  • New Jersey Deputy Health Commissioner Arturo Brito, MD, MPH
  • Ruth Perry, MD, Executive Director, Trenton Health Team
  • Albena Busia, Women’s and Gender Studies Department Chari, Rutgers
  • Debra Palmer, M.Ed., Ph.D., NJ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Representatives from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

For additional information, click here.  To RSVP for the event, click here.


Christie Administration Announces Creation of Statewide Health Information Network

Trenton, DC, April 10, 2014 — New Jersey Health Commissioner Mary E. O’Dowd announced yesterday the launch of the New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN), a statewide health information exchange that allows providers, hospitals and other health care stakeholders to share patient information securely and in real-time.

“A coordinated, statewide health information exchange system allows health care providers to keep track of patients’ medications and test results, avoid unnecessary procedures and improve outcomes,” said O’Dowd.  “The network will enhance access to patient information, improves quality of care and reduces costs.  In medical emergencies, access to a patient’s medical and medication record could mean the difference between life and death.” Continue reading

Opinion: Celgene’s Hugin Encourages a Robust ‘Ecosystem of Biomedical Innovation’

Washington, DC, April 9, 2014Writing in The Hill, Robert J. Hugin, Chairman and CEO of Celgene Corporation and Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), writes: 

America’s status as the research lab for the world is no longer secure.

According to a new study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, Asian investments in biomedical research and development have increased 51 percent. Meanwhile, U.S. R&D expenditures have fallen 9 percent.  That’s a $12-billion decline.

Those numbers should serve as a wake-up call to America’s leaders in both the public and private sectors.  The federal government, academia, and private research-driven firms are equally important parts of our nation’s innovation ecosystem.  The more effectively they work together, the faster the fruits of their research can improve people’s lives and reduce the burden on the healthcare system. Continue reading

April 3! HINJ to Cosponsor PharmFest 2014; PhRMA CEO to Keynote

New Brunswick, NJ, April 2, 2013 — The HealthCare Institute of New Jersey (HINJ)is pleased to partner, once again, with Montclair State University to sponsor PharmFest, a premier forum that explores emerPharmFest 2014 Set for April 3 at Montclaire State Universityging issues and trends in the biopharmaceutical and medical technology industry. 

“PharmFest 2014: The Decade Ahead” will be held on Thursday, April 3 in the Conference Center on the campus of Montclair State University. 

Keynote addresses will be presented by John Castellani, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pharmaceutical and Research Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and Dr. Richard Evans, Founding Partner and Research Analyst at Sector & Sovereign Research, LLC and author of Health and Capital.  Continue reading

New Rankings Put New Jersey Schools High on List for Best ROI

Somerset, NJ, April 2, 2014 — NJBIZ reports that it pays to go to college in New Jersey — literally.  

Payscale, the creators of the largest salary database in the world, have analyzed how much undergrads pay to attend more than 1,300 different institutions, and what they can expect to make in the 20 years after graduation.

According to NJBIZ, all that data revealed eight Garden State institutions fall in the top 250 when it comes to return on investment. Continue reading

Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ Discovers New Role for Enzyme; Could Have Implications for Cancer, Neurologic Disease

New Brunswick, NJ, April 2, 2014 — Research from Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey shows that a new function discovered for a long-studied enzyme could have implications for the diagnosis and treatment of some cancers and neurological disease.

The work involves superoxide dismutase 1 (Sod1), an enzyme that for nearly half a century has been known to remove a specific radical byproduct created during the energy-producing process of cell metabolism.  Continue reading